New season stationery

We’re causing major desk envy

January is on the horizon and we couldn’t be more excited to start goal setting and writing down our resolutions (even if we don’t plan to stick to them). Here’s the stationery we’ll be whacking out this New Year.

Positive reinforcements

When Monday mornings couldn’t feel more Monday, a peppy slogan will add a little joy to that to-do list. The Meadow range (above) is fill with positive quotes, etched in rose gold foil and patterned with flowers. And the floral theme isn’t just on the cover. The attention to detail carries on inside with little surprise illustrations on each page too.


Good vibes

Nope, it’s not just for the kids. The Slanguage collection is so cute, we’ll be pinching it for our desks too. After all, how can we say no to an avocado pun? A few of our faves are the little self-love notebooks (they come in a trio) and the matching sticker packs, ‘cause you’re never to old to personalise your planner.


Something glam

Writing the shopping list is sure to feel like less of a chore with a gilt-paged notebook – very regal indeed. The little rose gold details make it feel extra luxe to the touch and that dreamy rose print is just the right type of winter floral we want on our desk right now.


Marble mood

Set those goals in stone in possibly the prettiest stationery ever, the Minerals collection. Rose quartz pinks, terrazzo details and (of course) marble cover the pages, making those resolutions look so much more appealing. Don’t forget some geo copper paper clips to go with your organiser or journal though. They’ll be the envy of the office.


Organisation goals

If you’re serious about this new year-new me lark, like us you’ll want to get planning your January goals straight away. And lucky for us, this stationery makes the perfect Christmas gift so whack it on your list. There’s everything you need to start writing out your resolutions on Boxing Day (from the sofa with leftover chocolate of course). Fitness journals. Calendars. Agendas. Life planners. Just go to your nearest superstore to check them out in the flesh.


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