How to: dress your bedroom like a hotel

The industry secrets to making it look picture perfect

You know that feeling when you get off the plane, click the card in the door and finally walk into your lovely hotel room? We’ve bottled that ahhh moment into three easy steps so you can recreate the five star feeling at home, even when your hols are far off.

Making the bed

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The first thing we do when get into our hotel room is the all-important bed jump. To get that cloud-like feeling, you need quality bedding. This simple bordered set is crafted from Egyptian cotton, so it’s ultra-soft and temperature regulating too.

And then there’s the hospital fold. This is the method the experts use to make the bed so it’s always pristine. And it’s easier than it looks…

Step 1

Lay out a flat sheet (not fitted) and fold the sides under the mattress, leaving the corners. We’ll sort those later.

Step 2

Use both hands to lift the mattress and smooth the sheet under to avoid any bunching or pesky creases.

Step 3

Now the expert-y bit. For the corners, grab the un-tucked part of the sheet and fold the bottom corner into a triangle, away from the end of the bed. Tuck it under the mattress and let the top of the sheet drape over. Then, use your hands to tuck the rest of the sheet under and smooth.

Voila. Your sheets will never ping off in the middle of the night again.

Setting the scene


The difference between your average bedroom and a hotel one is that the scene is always set and the easiest way to do this is with a few candles. Opt for a spa scent like this indulgent vanilla and tonka bean fragrance, which will have you dreaming of that all-inclusive escape in paradise. Or for something fresh, try our wild cotton and ylang scent that’ll instantly transport you to a beach B&B by the sea.

The little things… minus the mini fridge


And finally, the amenities. There’s no need to swap all your skincare for mini travel sizes to get the hotel look. You just need the perfect bedside table instead. And these grey tray tables look fab when they’re bookended on either side of the bed with matching lamps or filled with some holiday postcards and a few notebooks.

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