How to… make floral displays

Need some tips on flower arranging? Florist Florence Kennedy shows us how to create stunning floral displays for the home.

My job might involve me getting up at 3.45am to head to London’s New Covent Garden Flower Market, but I love making someone’s day better with a beautiful bunch of blooms! If you want to brighten up your home with a really eye-catching floral display, here are my top tips:

stems is to cut them longer than you need Fill the vase three-quarters fullArrange the flower in the vase.

My conditioning tips

Before you get arranging, give your flowers a little TLC. I remove any leaves below the waterline of my vase, so the water stays clean. My rule for cutting stems is to cut them longer than you need — you can always make them shorter! I make a fresh, angled cut in each stem for maximum water absorption, and fill the vase three-quarters full.

Large flower arrangements

I love arrangements with plenty of texture! I work to the idea that you have a ‘lead singer’ flower (one that grabs your attention), a solid base of greenery and then the support singers (these are full of character, and make the lead singer look even better). Use the foliage to create a stable grid as the base for your arrangement, then begin forming a shape. Add your flowers, and check there’s not too much stem showing at the base of your arrangement.

Keep those stems in place

If you’re not using foliage as a base, you can create a grid for your flower arrangement using pot tape (thin gaffer tape, basically). This creates support and lets you build an arrangement quickly and easily.

Tip of the week

Don’t worry if you snap a stem or one of your flowers doesn’t make it home in one piece. You can still use them in bud vases, egg cups, jam jars or mugs! Just re-cut the stem so it can absorb water properly. Florence is the founder of Petalon, a London-based florist delivering beautiful seasonal bouquets around the capital by bicycle.

Three key pieces

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