What do your colour choices say about your personality?

The colours we choose to decorate our home say a lot about us – from our strongest traits to how people perceive us. Read on to find out what your preferred palette says about your personality…

We’re all naturally drawn to particular palettes and colour ways – whether it’s an obsession with all things monochrome or a love of sugary pastel shades. Certain colours make us feel good while others help us to chill out, especially when used within our homes.

You might not realise it, but your choices can often mean more than you think, reflecting surprising facets of your personality and your passions.

Choose your favourite colour ways from our selection below to discover your palette personality, then translate your chosen shades to your home with a few key pieces from our summer collection.

Yellow, orange and green colour palette


Bursting with creativity

If you’re drawn to shades of orange, the chances are that you’re creative, energetic and fun, while fans of yellow shades tend to be bright and cheerful types. These colours often feature during picturesque dawns and hazy sunsets – think sunbursts and sepia shadows – so you’re probably a nature-lover, too.

If this sums you up, inject more of the colours you love with these stylish homeware picks:

Brown and orange home accessories

1. This hand-embroidered wild floral cushion, £15, is perfect for adding some countrified charm. 2. Add a pillar candle to this wooden lantern, £35 (small, £22), for instant warmth. 3. A terracotta pasta bowl, £5, gives any dining table a rustic, hand-spun feel. 4. With it’s burnt orange colour scheme, this tealight tray, £10, always gives off a fiery glow.

Pastel colour palette

A natural pacifist

If you feel at your happiest surrounded by deep blues and aquas then you’re probably a trustworthy and peaceful type, while a love of purple suggests that you can have a spiritual side with a wise outlook on life.

Our top products for trustworthy types such as yourself:

Blue and purle home accessories

1. Dramatic and romantic, this pillar candle, £8, is ideal for purple lovers. 2. With its graphic print, this earthenware aqua print platter, £10, is perfect for adding pops of colour to your kitchen. 3. Evoke the feel of lazy Mediterranean lunches with these aqua print dip bowls, £2.50 each. 4. This butterfly wall art, £15, makes a stunning statement piece.

Black and grey colour palette

More than meets the eye

If you’re always drawn to monochrome hues, then you’re most likely an influential person with strong views, but you may well have a more mysterious side too? Modern and elegant – the combination of black and white is a timeless one.

Sound like you? See our top products for you sophisticated characters:

Black and white home accessories

1. For a modern take on the classic white look, go for this grey shell print bedlinen, £25. 2. Inspired by the line etches of tribal artifacts, this ceramic vase, £10, makes a striking focal piece. 3. Give your favourite photos a touch of contemporary style with this bone effect frame, £15. 4. Bold prints are all the rage at the moment, so get the look in your home with this woven monochrome cushion, £15.

To give your home a revamp, check out our stylish homeware range at your closest store.