Three ways to add impact to a small outdoor space

Whether you have a bijou balcony or a postage stamp-sized patio, you can still create a gorgeous outdoor space.

1. Low-level furniture

Small but perfectly formed gardens don’t really lend themselves to bulky tables with equally large matching chairs. Low-level tables with woven stools slot beautifully into a corner in a tiny spot. The intricate pattern on this gold-coloured metal table makes it a great statement piece.

Outdoor homewares

2. Moroccan accessories

If any country does courtyard-style well, it’s Morocco. So, take small-space style inspiration from the calming riads of Marrakech, with hammered metal accessories and woven stools.

1. Hanging tealight holder, £5 | 2. Moroccan-style table, £24 | 3. Woven stool, £18 | 4. Hanging terranium, £14


3. Reflective light

You might not have the space to snake twinkling lights around branches and arbours, but that doesn’t mean you should do away with a lighting scheme altogether. A cluster of candles will bring instant style, charm and – importantly – illumination. Brass-coloured metal tealight holders and lanterns not only look fab in their own right, but the metallic finish and cut-out patterns reflect the candlelight in an unusual fashion, casting a mesmerising glow around the smallest of spaces with little more than a few flames.

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