This week we love… baking

This week, Sainsbury’s very own bake-off champion reveals some
of the secrets that helped with her winning creation.

Lyndsey Green, an Assistant Buyer for Sainsbury’s Home Team, loves a good bake-off. So much so, that in the recent inter-office challenge, she took home joint-first prize. Here she tells us more about her passion for baking, and the inspiration behind her big win.

Lyndsey Green‘I’ve always enjoyed baking as my nan was an amazing cook – her pavlova was famous in our family – and I rely on a lot of her tips when I bake. I love ‘The Great British Bake Off’, and to celebrate the start of the new series back in July, the Sainsbury’s Home Team had a summer-themed baking competition. I came joint-first with Chelsea, another member of the team. The two of us have a bit of a rivalry – every few months we have a bake-off of our own and the stakes keep getting higher!

‘Chelsea created an amazing picnic-themed entry, while mine was based on the British seaside, with a nod to Cornwall. My three-tiered cake was decorated with beach huts and surfboards, and I used crushed digestive biscuits to give it a sandy look. The cakes themselves were three old favourites – a rich chocolate Maltesers cake on the bottom, a classic Victoria sponge with homemade strawberry jam for the middle tier and a light lemon sponge on top.

‘On the side, I made ice-cream cupcakes baked in a cone with a flake and different sprinkles for toppings; mini scones served with clotted cream and more homemade jam, and sweet pasties, filled with apples and home-grown blackberries.’

Top tip

‘My tip for other bakers is definitely to be precise and get yourself a good set of scales. Weigh out your ingredients – I even weigh out the mixture for my cupcakes and sponges before baking to make sure I get exactly the same amount of filling in each to give a consistent batch.’

Lyndsey’s three key pieces

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