Study in style: three ways to work smarter at home

Stylist Susie Clegg shares her ideas for a chic, organised study; who knows, they may even make you like revising!

Settling down to revise or tackle paperwork isn’t everyone’s favourite task, but a stylish update can make it that little bit easier. Here’s how you can create a study that’s easy on the eye – complete with a craft idea for you to try.

Stylish storage; a selection of box files with home-made labels to keep important documents in1. Store it away

Storage is the key to keeping all those ugly papers organised and out of sight, so think about box folders, shelving and under-desk storage. Wicker baskets are great for storing old magazines, while a simple drinking glass can be a neat place to store pens and pencils.

2. Make your own labels

Once you’ve stashed away all your desk clutter, you could try creating fun labels for your folders and files using neon masking tape. It’s matte so it’s easy to write on with any pen, and even a chalkboard pen wouldStudy lighting; a classic desk lamp sits with a lemon metal case and a selection of pencils work to write (and wipe off) what you’ve stored inside. Why not choose a mix of orange, pink and yellow labels to colour code your filing around revision topics or types of bills? This mix of floral folders and fluro tape feels really fresh for summer.

3. Choose your lighting

Good natural light is a must for any study, but be sure to add a desk lamp for after-hours working to avoid eye strain. An angled lamp is a style classic that allows you to position the brightness right where you need it – but try not to stay up all night!

What’s your secret to a stylish study?

Tip of the week

For a printed twist on Susie’s neon labels, cut an oblong of re-used wrapping paper just a little larger than a plain white label to create a border. Stick your plain label over the top, then fix to the spine of your folder.

Three key pieces

Clear soda glassRed chrome angled desk lampWhite dipped wicker basket large

Clear soda glass, £1.50; red chrome angled desk lamp, £7.80; large white dipped wicker basket, £10