How to… have a spectacularly spooky Halloween

With all the fun things you can create for Halloween, it really is the perfect time to let your imagination fly. We ask craft blogger Emma Smith for her inspiration…

Emma Smith,The build up to Halloween is so much fun and there are lots of ways to create a fabulously spooky atmosphere, while nurturing my children’s creativity.

Child decorating


Painted pumpkins

It’s actually really difficult for children to carve pumpkins, so I let the children paint theirs.

Ordinary watercolours or acrylics work really well and children can have fun creating any design they like… Anything goes!




Floating ghosts

Ghost decoration Designing a ghost decoration Plastic bag and sissors

These floating ghosts are easy and cheap to make.
You need two white bags, a balloon, a piece of string and some scraps of paper or card.

  1. Lay one of the bags upside-down and flat on the table. Cut out some ghost eyes and a mouth from the cardboard/paper and glue them onto the bag to make your spooky ghost face.
  2. Cut a zig-zag all along the opening of the bag to make the tatty bottom of your ghost.
  3. Cut the second bag into strips from the opening to near the bottom and put this over the first bag.
  4. Blow up the balloon and tie the string onto it. Put the balloon inside the two bags and make a little hole through the top of your ghost for the string to poke through.


Spider lollies

Sissors and paper Sissors, paper and lollipops Spider on a stick decoration

You need some lollies, a black bag, some pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

  1. Cut a small square of black plastic and wrap it round the lolly. Wind a pipe cleaner around the lolly stick to hold the plastic into place and this makes your first spider’s legs.
  2. Continue wrapping round pipe cleaners until you’ve got 8 legs.
  3. Stick on some googly eyes and you could even add a little cheeky paper smile too if you fancy!

Our homemade decorations look great combined with items from Sainsbury’s Halloween range. I loved the giant spider and the bat chandelier. They’re such a great size and really set the scene.

And of course Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a bit of dressing up would it? My children loved the werewolf mask, which I’m sure they’ll play with all year round!

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Three key pieces:

Witch decoration Happy Halloween Bunting Halloween Black Cat Decoration

Black Tinsel Cat, £5; Happy Halloween Felt Garland, £3 (available in selected stores); Rising Witch, £15 (available in selected stores)