How to sleep better – plus win a bedroom look!

Get every night off to a great start with tips from our bedding expert and the chance to win stylish prizes for your bedroom.

What do you look for in a great night’s sleep? Serene colours and a declutter can create a restful atmosphere in your bedroom – but when it comes to the finer details, everybody’s different. From light levels and background noise to the firmness of your mattress or pillows, what lulls you off to sleep is as unique as you are.

Choosing the mattress that’s right for you can seem complicated, so I’ve put together a quick guide on what to look out for – and if you leave a comment below to say what you need for a great night’s sleep, you could be in with a chance of winning all the homewares pictured above! Just see our ‘How to enter’ section.

Spring support

The most common spring system in a mattress is the open coil or open sprung, which is available in a range of tensions to produce different support. If you like a firm mattress, try the 12.5 gauge – the firmest type of spring.

Two’s company

In a shared bed, a mattress should provide support to both of you: if one of you is heavier than the other, then the bed can sag and you’ll both to roll into the dip! A pocket spring mattress features individual pockets of springs that make sure the surface stays even.

Have your fill

While springs provide support, fillings ensure comfort. Generally, the more springs and filling, the more comfortable your bed will be. You can also choose memory foam: combined with open coil or pocket springs, this breathable material moulds to your shape, relieves pressure points and can even promote better circulation.

How to enter

So, what do you look for in your perfect bed? And what else guarantees you a comfortable night? Let us know what you need for a great night’s sleep and you could be our randomly selected winner! Your prize will include all the homewares pictured above – please see our terms and conditions for full details.

This prize draw opens at 10am on Thursday 24 April 2014 and closes at 9pm on Thursday 8 May 2014.

Three key pieces

Ashby dove grey night stand

teal square button cushion

teal faux mohair throw

Ashby dove grey night stand, £298; teal faux mohair throw £20; teal square button cushion, £8.