How to… make perfect pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

Ladies and gentlemen, get your frying pans at the ready – Pancake Day is almost here! Celebrate on Tuesday, 17th February by making a perfect pile of pancakes that the whole family will love.

Ready, set, flip!

I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t love a pancake – and Pancake Day is one of the more fun, family-friendly events on the foodie calendar. The secret to getting perfect pancakes every time is having a failsafe pancake recipe and the right tools for the job – starting, of course, with the pan itself.

You can’t have a pancake without a pan, and the nonstick, enamel coating on this induction frying pan ensures they slide out perfectly every time – plus, you won’t need as much oil or butter. It even has an ergonomically designed soft-touch handle – just the thing for all that flipping!

Pancake in a frying pan

Essential pancake-making kit

For perfect classic pancakes every time you’ll need just four ingredients (flour, eggs, milk and baking powder) and four clever bits of kitchen kit (a mixing bowl, whisk, spatula and citrus reamer for squeezing over lemon juice).

1. Soft-grip whisk, £4 | 2. Large non-slip mixing bowl with pourer, £6 | 3. Soft-grip turner, £4 | 4. Wooden citrus reamer, £2.50

Pancake accessories

Top it off

The beauty of pancakes lies in their simplicity – get the recipe right and you can go to town flavouring your batter and experimenting with toppings. Whether you like sweet or savoury, rolled up or folded, make your pancakes as unique as you are. Try these wholemeal pancakes with spinach, bacon and cheese, or cinnamon pancakes with apple and blackberries.

Pancake recipes