How to… choose this year’s Christmas colour scheme

If your decorations have lost some of their sparkle, why not try something new this year? Interiors blogger Rachael Jones shows us her go-to Christmas colour schemes.

When it comes to adding a festive touch to your home, there are so many colour schemes you can opt for – it’s just a matter of picking complementary shades and textures. But remember – the decorations will only be needed for a month or so, so invest in pieces that can be combined in different ways to work all year round.


Eclectic glamour – blue and gold

Gold candle Bluw bottleCombining traditionally festive gold with deep blue gives a scheme with an exotic twist. To achieve this look I matched an elegant blue glass bottle with a gold leaf candle and some festive silver potpourri. This potpourri has the scent of frankincense and myrrh, which is a wonderfully fresh and light alternative to traditional Christmas scents.

I love how the simple blue colour is lifted by the glitter and gold, and this is the perfect example of how to decorate with pieces that you can use all year round.


All that glitters – pink and silver

While not a traditional Christmas colour, pink works perfectly as a highlight colour alongside silver, sparkly tones. I combined a gorgeous pink and silver perfume bottle with a pink votive and glitter pillar candle, plus some of the same festive silver potpourri (pictured, above).
Another way to create this look is by investing in a luxurious white fur throw for the bed or sofa (think of it as a thick blanket of snow on a Christmas morning), and scattering over a few sequinned accent cushions.


Winter forest – natural woods and neutral tones

Star decorationThis is probably my favourite scheme of all, as it is so easy to put together and automatically makes a space look amazingly festive. For this look I used natural wooden pieces like this carved hanging star and heart garland – so simple and yet so pretty. If you opt for this scheme, scatter a few winter woodland cushions on your thick-white-snow throw.

Scent is an important part in any scheme, so I like to dot around a few green scented pillar candles. The result is an effortless and festive vignette that will make your whole room smell of a fresh and frosty Christmas morning in the countryside.

For more inspired home interiors ideas, head to Rachael’s blog: interiorthinking.com.


Three key pieces:

Cushion KeyPiece_colour-200x210 Berry Wreath,


White Fur Throw, £25; Berry Wreath, £8; Watercolour Effect Robin Cushion, £12 (available in selected larger stores).