Hot trend… hanging pictures in groups

Looking for new ways to display pictures? Being adventurous pays off. Whether it’s hanging an eclectic mix of frames or adding something unusual to the mix, try these ideas for displays you can’t take your eyes off.

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Get the hang of arranging frames

The days of hanging identical frames in neat and tidy rows are long gone. Displaying an eclectic jumble of frames showing off everything from photos, artworks, memorabilia and even pressed flowers is a key look for 2015. The trick to pulling it off so it looks less jumble sale and more style success lies in a few simple rules.

  • •For a sense of order without appearing too formal, arrange different or odd-shaped frames within an invisible square or rectangle ‘border’.
  • Don’t worry about the spacing between each frame – it doesn’t have to be even, but leave enough space between so it’s not too hard on the eyes. Also, avoid unbroken paths of space running between the frames.
  • If you find yourself with a large gap at the end, simply hang something other than a frame. A sprig of faux flowers, a pretty garland, candle sconces and decorative wooden shapes all look great.

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Mix and match frames

There are as many different frames around as there are pictures to go in them. Although varying the frames themselves adds a lot of impact, they should all have a cohesive feel so as not to distract too much from what’s inside the frame. A canny trick is to mix and match the thickness, size and shape of the frames but keep one element the same. For example, keep the colour of the mount boards the same or select frames made from the same finish such as warming wood (see above) or reflective metal (see below, available in selected stores).

1. Large rectangle wood frame, £20 (available in selected stores | 2. Set of 3 carved hanging hearts, £10 (available in selected stores | 3. Carved hanging star, £8 | 4. Open wood frame, £12

Mirrored picture frame