Good Housekeeping cookware: tried and tested!

Good Housekeeping’s Acting Cookery Editor, Suzannah Butcher, picks her favourites from their new range of cookware, created with Sainsbury’s.


On my first day as Acting Cookery Editor at Good Housekeeping, we undertook the challenging task of blind-tasting mountains of chocolate Easter eggs – all in the name of choosing the very best! The Good Housekeeping Institute has been testing and evaluating consumer products since 1924, so our Tried & Tested mantra is at the heart of everything we do – including our new Good Housekeeping range created with Sainsbury’s. You can browse and buy the collection by clicking here.

Working to our shared values, we’ve come up with perfect cookware at an affordable price and while it’s been hard to pick my favourites, I have come up with a top three.

Good Housekeeping cookware: steak with griddle lines, potatoes and salad


Good Housekeeping cookware: cast iron grill pan with steak bar

Best for steaks

I know a bad workman (or chef, as the case may be) blames his tools, but making food look perfect to photograph on our Good Housekeeping magazine shoots would be mighty tricky without the best kitchen equipment. The Good Housekeeping cast iron grill pan with steak bar has been lugged with me on every summer shoot to ensure I get the perfect griddle lines for the picture: the steak bar ‘lid’ has been designed with griddle grooves so that, once heated, it weighs down and sears the top of food, too. I’m also a fan of the lip for pouring off excess fat, which will help keep things lighter if you’re calorie counting.


Good Housekeeping tip: This pan has been made of cast iron so it can reach a high temperature – therefore, be patient and wait for the pan to get really hot before griddling meat or vegetables. Always oil the food rather than the griddle, and for the best charred griddle lines on your meat, don’t be tempted to move it round the pan!

Good Housekeeping cookware: metal mixing bowl, saucepan and electric weighing scales

Best for baking

Goodhouse Keeping non-slip mixing bowl

If you think a bowl’s a bowl, think again! Whipping up the number of cakes that we do on the Good Housekeeping Cookery Team, I recognise the virtues of a good mixing bowl – and this set of small, medium and large stainless steel bowls ticks all the boxes. They’ve been designed with a non-slip base ensuring easy use on all surfaces, as well as a generous depth that ensures my batter stays in the bowl – rather than flying out all over my cookbook! I’ve also been loving the addition of handy markers on the bowl’s inner side for speedy measuring. These days you’ll rarely see me using any other bowls in the GH test kitchen, unless the others are already covered in cake mix!

Good Housekeeping tip: Plastic bowls are notorious for absorbing grease, which is the known enemy of egg whites. To whisk up your whites to maximum volume, use a stainless steel bowl like these – or a glass or copper one – and make sure both beaters and bowl are scrupulously clean of grease and fat.

Slow cooking meat for flavoursome stew

Good Housekeeping cookware: cast iron casserole dishBest for slow cooking

I love slow cooking. Nothing beats stepping away from the casserole and letting the magic happen, safe in the knowledge you are going to take all the credit for doing next to nothing! I’ve found the Good Housekeeping 2.85L round cast iron casserole dish is a perfect size when cooking for two and to store in a small kitchen like mine at home. If you’re feeding a crowd and space is no object then the luxurious 4.75L round cast itron casserole dish is a winner. These dishes are designed with unique nodules on the lid so that, as moisture from the food rises, droplets of condensation drip off the nodules back into the dish for the juiciest, most tender stews ever!

Good Housekeeping cookware: assorted knives and a chopping board with measurements



Tip of the week

Love international recipes but tired of trying to turn different measurements into metric? The Good Housekeeping wooden chopping board features useful conversions, exact width measurements for julienne vegetables, and ruled lines for cutting perfect-sized pastry – all printed on the sturdy wood.