Father’s Day favourites: what he really wants!

Tired of giving the same old gifts? So is Home Ideas blogger Annabel Harris. This year, she has a new approach to present-buying…


It can be easy to get stuck in a rut with Father’s Day gifts: I know my dad’s certainly had enough chocolate and DVDs from me to last a lifetime! This year, I wanted to do it differently, so instead of thinking of him in ‘dad’ mode, I thought about who he chooses to be when he’s simply hanging out at home. To give it a go yourself, start by looking at where he spends most of his time.

If he’s usually… out in the garden

If your dad’s always outdoors, then you’re in luck: from a barbecue for his famous burgers to a goal for a kickabout with the grandkids, you can make sure this is his best summer yet. I know my dad would also enjoy using a wall-mounted barometer to impress us with his weather predictions – and no, he doesn’t know there’s an app for that now…

Landmann Piccolino portable barbecue in turquoise- available in store to 18th June 2014Football goalHonest Gardener Barometer

Landmann Piccolino portable barbecue in turquoise, £29.99 (until 18th June); Plum premium wooden football goal, 6x4ft, £129.99; Honest Gardener barometer, £16, see instore

If he’s usually… relaxing at home

Father’s Day favourites: a dad relaxes with his family in front of the TV

Does your dad love nothing more than pottering around the house? Then I reckon he’d appreciate a few creature comforts this Father’s Day, including a digital radio to provide a soundtrack to his downtime. An accessory such as a cushion could make a great addition to that room he’s so proudly finished painting, or why not give him what he really wants: more time to spend in his favourite place. With this 10-in-1 trimmer, he can keep himself looking groomed in the comfort of his own home – bliss!



Father’s Day gift ideas

DAB wooden radioClippersCushion

Red NE-3111R DAB wooden radio, £29.99 (until 24th June); navy blue pleat cushion, £8; BaByliss for Men 7235U 10-in-1 Grooming System, £29.99

If he’s usually… cooking in the kitchen?

Dad cooking in the kitchen
For those dads who consider themselves a bit of a master chef, there’s no better indulgence than a wine cooler: I know you might have to club together with your siblings to buy it, but it’ll be worth it for the wow-factor. A simpler way to show he’s in charge is to treat him to his very own apron – or give him a classic cast-iron pan, which will help him turn out perfect steaks every time.
Where can you usually find your dad when he’s at home – and what would make him love it even more?


Father’s Day gift ideas

Husky HN6 slimline wine cooler, £99.99 (until 2nd July); Griddle panApron


Husky HN6 slimline wine cooler, £99.99 (until 2nd July); striped apron, £3.99 (while stocks last); Cook’s Collection orange cast iron griddle pan, £15 (until 10th June)

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