Be inspired: chic ideas for houseplants

Assistant home accessory designer Amy Baxter tells us why houseplants are a hot trend – watch the video for more inspiration.

Stepping into our Sainsbury’s spring/summer press launch, journalists were met with a vibrant display of potted plants. We’d filled trifle dishes and other glassware with bright green herbs and placed them down the centre of a long table: it was the perfect way to set the scene for the new season.

amy-polaroid_200x210Since then, I’ve spotted more and more houseplants in homeware magazines – I used to think of them as a bit old-fashioned, but with a little creativity you can do something really interesting with them. Here are my tips for using houseplants in your home:

1. Indoor landscape – Don’t just use plants to fill space: instead, think about the whole effect, as you would in a garden. I think plants are especially effective in bathrooms or studies – rooms that often need a bit of personality.

2. Higher or lower – I love it when plants are used at different levels: you could place your plant in a wicker basket on the ground, another plant on your coffee table and a trailing plant up high on a bookcase. You could also look at fixing wooden boxes and crates to your wall to showcase your plants.

3. Make a feature – We have loads of home accessories that would work well with plants at Sainsbury’s. Our glass cloches can be placed over humidity-loving plants for a mini greenhouse effect, or small plants can be placed inside this large rope lantern – or why not place a cluster in this small metal basket?

4. Pick a plant – My favourite plants to use in the home are herbs. I love that burst of colour and fragrance you get from them, especially basil. If you just want something stunning for your home, an Indian rope plant is a favourite with home stylists. Place it high up so it’ll drape down as it grows.

What are your top tips for using houseplants in your home? Let us know in the comments

Tip of the week

Terracotta pots aren’t just for outdoors. Bring some in and use with your houseplants – a weather-beaten edge and faded colours will only add to their appeal.

Three key pieces



Small metal basket, £10;large glass cloche, £15, see instore; teal glass lantern, £22