All about … your Christmas kitchen

Christmas can be one of the busiest periods in your kitchen, so it’s time to start laying the groundwork with a thorough clear-out and some simple preparation.

If Christmas dinner is the biggest show you put on all year, then it’s time to start setting the scene. Success is all in the planning so take time to follow a few simple steps.

Choose your equipment

Last Christmas may seem like ages ago but try to cast your mind back: were there any kitchen tools you wished you had and didn’t? Or are there any once-a-year items hiding at the back of your cupboards, which may now be past their best? Get out your artillery and give it a once over: key considerations are a big enough roasting tin, pastry brushes that aren’t shedding hairs and a trusty rolling pin.


Get crafty

Jams and infused oils make great, personal gifts – and if you haven’t collected enough jars to present them in, don’t panic! This Kilner klip top jar is perfect choice and can be re-used by lucky recipient, while this wine bottle saves you making your own label. Job done.

Full house

It may seem obvious, but do you have enough tableware for all your guests? Plus don’t forget lots of smaller plates to catch crumbs from the endless cake, biscuits and chocolates that get handed round all season.

Finally, a doorstop could be one of your best investments this season: not only will it stop the door from slamming as you dash in and out of the kitchen, it’ll help to prevent young guests from trapping their fingers! Here’s to a worry-free Christmas in your kitchen.

Tip of the week:

Try tying a gift tag to a napkin ring to make a named place setting – and don’t forget to visit our blog next week for expert tips on dressing your table for the big day.