All about … bedrooms

Start and end your day the right way: in a beautiful bedroom. Here’s our guide to creating a space that suits you and your lifestyle.

Bedrooms should be a sanctuary but can be more like a battlefield: whether you’re struggling to find space for all your clothes or simply fighting for your share of the duvet, there are plenty of things that can impact on your peace of mind. Get the layout and décor right, however, and you’re halfway to a great night’s sleep – here’s how.

The right colours

Colours can affect our mood, and many people find stimulating reds and yellows too much for the bedroom. This may not be true for everyone, however – slow risers might favour brighter spaces to give them the kickstart they need in the morning.

Light and shade

The right lighting can be very soothing and a candelabra adds a calming glow. However, don’t light candles when you’re drowsy – instead opt for a bedside lamp with a red shade for a rich, warm light.

Switching off

With emails and phone calls constantly coming through, having somewhere to literally ‘switch off’ has never been more important. The blue light emitted by mobile phone screens is said to affect sleep, so don’t use yours to check the time when you wake in the night – instead, try a bedside or wall clock.

Clear that clutter

A messy room means you’ll have a busy mind when you try to sleep – the sight of yet another undone chore will set your brain whirring. Invest in plenty of storage and get into a routine of tidying surfaces before you sleep, even if it means keeping one drawer free as a quick-fix ‘dumping’ space for late-night tidy-ups.

Cosy up

Of course, the heart of any bedroom is the bed itself so make sure yours is warm and inviting. Take inspiration from luxury hotels and neatly pile cushions and pillows on top of your bedspread, or create a snuggly sleeping space with layers or throws and blankets in complementary shades.

Tip of the week:

When it’s time to sleep, pop your cushions and extra throws in a chest at the foot of the bed, or slip them into sliding storage boxes underneath.

Three key pieces

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