Make your own simple and stylish Christmas wreath

There are few things as fun and festive as making your own decorations, so this week Catherine Joliffe shows us how to create a Christmas wreath.

Thanks to our three children, aged four, six and eight, the family home is a riot of bright colour at Christmas time. The tree sparkles with homemade decorations coated with heavy doses of glitter in blue, green gold and red. And while I wouldn’t have it any other way, I wanted to make a beautiful but simple wreath that would act as a stylish contrast.


20 white battery operated LED lights, Pinecone tree decorations, White clip-on bird tree decorations, Rosemary stems, Twine string, Wire ring, Green floral wire Vintage clip-on candle holdersI used:

20 white battery operated LED lights
Pinecone tree decorations
White clip-on bird tree decorations
Rosemary stems
Twine string
Wire ring
Green floral wire
Vintage clip-on candle holders



1. Attach the rosemary stems to the ring by coiling the green floral wire to around each stem.
2. Clip the white bird decorations and vintage candle holders around the frame alternately at regular intervals.
3. Tie the pine cone decorations the wreath (they come with twine hanging loops attached).
4. Cut four lengths of twine and tied them at quarterly intervals around the wreath, in order to hang it. Alternatively, you can skip this bit and use the wreath as a table decoration instead.

And there you have it! A simple but satisfying wreath that not only looks the part, but will make your home smell like Christmas too.

To find out more about Catherine, head to bristolparentingcafe.blogspot.co.uk where she writes about the fun and frolics of family life.


Three key pieces to create your wreath

Ronin decorations Pinecone Decorations White Battery Operated Led Lights

Pinecone Decorations, £2; White Battery Operated Led Lights, £2; Robin Decorations, £2