5 ways to make your bathroom more beautiful

Even the busiest of bathrooms can be an oasis of calm with these storage and styling tips.

Our bathrooms should be places to relax and reinvigorate – but all too often they end up feeling more ordinary than indulgent. Here’s how to clean up your act in the style stakes.

Bathroom accessories: ridged glass soap dispenser and dish

1. Chic storage

If there’s one aspect to get right in the bathroom, it’s the art of keeping all your clutter out of sight. Wicker baskets are perfect for hiding make-up and other small items, while natural sponges and pretty bottles can be turned into a display.

2. Dispensers and dishes

Don’t let half-empty plastic containers and mushy soaps ruin your bathroom look: instead, decant handsoap (or even shower gels) into dispensers and put solid soap in a dish.


3. Towel techniques

Mismatched, tired towels are not going to help your new bathroom makeover, so think about whether it’s time for a refresh. Your new fluffy towels and flannels can be stacked in large storage boxes, or rolled up in wire baskets.

Bathroom accessories: blue and white tumbler and blue hand towel

4. Home from home

If you have a guest to stay, be inspired by the extras you’d like to find in a hotel; a toothbrush, toothpaste and disposable razor make a nice addition. And if you really want to impress, pile guest towels and tie with raffia.

 5. Finishing touches

A good toothbrush holder is the unsung hero of the bathroom, so swap that old mug or drinking glass for something that matches your scheme.


What changes would make your bathroom more beautiful?


Three key pieces


Dipped baskets, set of 2 Blue dipped soap dispenserSainsbury’s pebble Egyptian cotton towels


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