Behind the design: Nomad Traveller

We ask the designers all our burning decor questions

Say hello to the new Nomad Traveller collection. We grabbed a coffee with the designers behind the range to get the lowdown on everything, from the inspiration behind it to how they’ll be styling the new season. Read on to see what they had to say…


Tell us about the collection…

“Taking influence from traditional cultures, Nomad Traveller captures the laidback spirit of blending new influences with time-old traditions. Global references from all over the world inspire an exciting blend of materials, textures, tactility and patterns for the home.”

“It has a burnt and rich palette of earthed colours, which are paired with neutral and monochrome backgrounds to balance it all out.”

“A key element of this trend is the mixture of different patterns brought together freely without rules or regulations. Layering is done through mismatching patterns and textures to create a tactile home full of different patterns, textures and trims.”

If you had to sum it up in three words, what would they be?

“Tactile, global, curated. The beauty of this collection is that different elements can be layered to suit anybody’s home. The rich and earthy palette can make anyone’s home feel warm and cosy, which is why it’s perfect for this time of year.”


How do you begin designing a collection of this size?

“We start with key materials and techniques that we predict will be trending this time of year and build this up with styles and themes that we see emerging. For instance, macramé and hand-woven textiles are huge in interior design at the moment and they were a big starting point for the collection.”

What kind of things do you have to consider when you design a new collection?

“We always want to make sure that the pieces can be easily layered into your existing interior without having to restyle your whole house or room. We also want to ensure that we are offering something new and exciting.”

“The hardest part of the process is getting the quality and detail perfect. My favourite thing has to be seeing the samples finally finished and the whole thing begin to come to life.”


What are the decor trends you see being big this autumn/winter?


“Forest greens are a big hit at the moment but going forward we are seeing them mixed with dark maroons, greys and blush pinks to create a new and cosy trend. Monochromes are also here to stay but going a lot more clean and Scandi.”
Tell us about the red and gold candle in this collection. We’re obsessed!


“We wanted to inject the dark red in the collection and candles felt a great way to do this because they’re such easy pieces to add to your home. The gold then just gave it that extra glam. They’re made by hand in India, so they’re really special pieces.”

We love the macramé hanging. How would you style it?

“The designer was inspired by woven jewellery to create the macramé hanging, and it’s hand tied in India. This could be used as a statement piece on someone’s wall or layered with mirrors and picture frames to create a gallery wall.”


Let’s talk about the print on the jewellery holder – it’s stunning!

“We worked very closely with a print house to develop this print. We wanted a global influenced pattern for the jewellery holder and we feel the mark making and motifs within it really capture this!”

What does design mean to Sainsbury’s Home?

“We champion in-house crafted design, which ensures authenticity and originality and means our products are always new and exciting each season.”


There are lots of soft furnishings in this collection. What kind of textiles and techniques can we expect to find in the range?

“I absolutely love all the textiles in this story – they’re all made by hand in India. Within the collection you can find woven and hand-tied macramé techniques in the home accessories, as well as embroidered bedding and detailed crewel work cushions. The cushions look really great against neutral greys, tans and leathers that really allow the prints to pop.”

What are your tips for making your home feel cosy in autumn and winter?

“Soft lighting, rugs on hard floors, layered cushions and all the throws.”

How can you add colour to an all-white room without overdoing it?

“You can always add a spot of vibrancy with plants and layered cushions to any space.”

What’s something surprising or new people may not know about Sainsbury’s Home?

“That our home ranges are created by 22 talented designers including textile specialists, print designers and ceramicists. Many pieces are designed entirely in house, from the wooden inlayed frames and the side table, to the home fragrances.”

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