Behind the design: summer fragrance

Juicy mojitos. Tranquil spas. Here’s an exclusive look at our new-season scents

We think the best thing about the change in season (besides the sun) is treating your home to a fresh candle hoard. So we asked the designers behind our summer home fragrance range to give us a sneak peek at what’s new for now. Here’s what they had to say…

“It’s really important to change up your home fragrance each season – even with your mood – to enhance the way you feel. Our Mojito fragrance is perfect because just like your favourite cocktail, the classic scent of fresh mint leaves and limes mixed with sugar, will invigorate your home. The blend of mint, lemongrass and clove is the essence of summer.”

“Candles are perfect in summer to offer a gentle light as the nights draw in. The subtle fragrances can relax or revitalise depending on the mood.”


“When it comes to crafting our candles, we work with three global fragrance houses to develop each of our exclusive scents. We have to smell hundreds of scents each year to shortlist just a handful that will make it to the final cut.”

“All of the printed packaging on our summer fragrance is also created in-house by our design team. Like the patterns of our neroli and spiced woods jar trio (above). This scent has a floral, spicy scent infused with bergamot and mandarin on a base of clove and neroli.”


“For inspiration, our designers take ideas from the smells around them, whether it’s a recent getaway, the British countryside or a trip to the seaside. We’re always on the lookout for new trend ingredients that we see in the food and drink industry, continuously doing market research and smell testing to evaluate which notes our customers would love.”

“Like our Shibori spa fragrance – this a favourite of ours. An invigorating blend of geranium with lavender and peppermint, it creates a wonderful fresh clean scent that’s lifted by citrus notes and softened by base tones of patchouli and amber. It’s tranquil with mind-clearing notes: just what you need for summer.”

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