Trend focus: curious characters

The new animal ornaments we’re loving

Llamas, pugs, flamingos – every animal has had its moment and now it’s the turn of the woodland variety. What is it about cute characters that makes us want to indulge our inner animal lover and get one for every single room? We’re not sure, but what we do know is that our obsession isn’t stopping anytime soon…


You know how much we all love a ditsy floral print? Say hello to its animal print sister. This dainty hand-drawn pattern (designed by our very own talented team of artists) is a grown-up take on animal print, in retro tones of mustard and blue that work with any colour scheme. Clash against deep jewel tones to give your space some added drama and really up the style factor.


This animal trend is all about that eccentric Alice in Wonderland look. Give your bookshelf a quirky touch by clustering a few of the same objects together in twos or threes. A trio of lamps look mighty good on the mantelpiece so go as over-the-top as you like. Plus, it means you don’t need to choose just one – you can nab all three.


We can’t get enough of dark walls this season, whether it’s navy, burgundy or any other kind of jewel tone. And these dark burnished bronze ornaments are just the right complement. The darker the tones, the cooler your space will look. Easy.


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