Perfect bakes with Benjamina Ebuehi

No soggy bottoms in sight!

To trial the new Good Housekeeping bakeware range, we thought who better than Great British Bake Off star and food blogger Benjamina Ebuehi? She took the collection for a test drive and gave us some top tips along the way. Ready, steady, bake.


“Summertime is when the ice cream machine gets dusted off and everything gets smothered in fresh cream, berries and edible flowers. It does become tricky though when you’re constantly trying to keep ingredients cold in a hot stuffy kitchen. I find myself staying away from things like pastry, which can be tricky at the best of times.

So you can imagine my joy when I heard about the new range of bakeware by Sainsbury’s Home in collaboration with Good Housekeeping. The first piece that immediately stood out was the beautiful stainless steel rolling pin that can be chilled in the freezer, ensuring your pastry stays cold! What a dream!”


Tip 1: “Be prepared! Read through the whole recipe once or twice before starting to familiarise yourself with the steps. Have your ingredients ready and weighed out. There’s nothing worse than being halfway through baking before realising you’re missing some crucial ingredients!”


“The collection is both stunning and practical. I absolutely love the attention to detail on all the pieces, which do make such a difference. From the mixing bowls with a non slip base and a sieve that sits perfectly inside, to the chopping board with a measuring scale – meaning I don’t need to search high and low for a non existent ruler!

And I also fell in love with the handy little scales that fold away so neatly (yay for equipment that takes up less storage!)”


Tip 2: “The temperature of your ingredients is a lot more important than most people realise! If a recipe calls for room temperature butter or eggs it’s for a reason! Room temperature ingredients emulsify much better and play a crucial role in the final structure and texture of your bakes.”

“I’ve used some of the items in the new range to create these super cute summer tarts. I’ve made them as individual portions but you could definitely make this as one large tart. Perfect for an afternoon tea, summer picnic or bbq, they’re really easy to customise.

Add in some lemon zest or curd for a zingy twist and top with whatever fruit you fancy. You can make both the pastry and pastry cream in advance and just assemble on the day you’re planning to serve.”


Tip 3: “It’s not the end of the world if a bake doesn’t go according to plan; it happens to the best of us! When it does happen, it forces me to think on my feet and come up with creative ways that it can be salvaged. Most things are salvagable with a little bit of imagination! Deflated or cracked meringues can be turned into an Eton mess, over-baked, dry bread can be salvaged into a French toast.”

“For me, baking is incredibly therapeutic and something I really look forward to. So have fun with it! It shouldn’t be something that stresses you out and it’s so much more enjoyable when you don’t place too much pressure on yourself.

Master the basics until you’re comfortable enough to challenge yourself. Ultimately, just enjoy the process, celebrate the successes and learn from things that don’t quite work out.”

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