3 easy summer saviours

From decor to drinks, this is how to impress this BBQ season

Come rain or shine, with summer in full swing, we’re pretty sure the barbecues are going to be aplenty. But this summer, forget just dusting off the kids’ plastic cups. Instead, try dialling up your garden decor with a few failsafe pieces that will be the saviours to your outdoor entertaining.

Let’s start with a drink…

Our first trick to summer entertaining is bulk serving. Save yourself some time and look like you’ve made an effort with a quick punch. This drinks dispenser is picnic-friendly so it’s super lightweight and practical – just chuck it on top of the cupboard when you’re done.

And inside? This Cointreau and blood orange twist on an Aperol Spritz– topped up with soda for extra fizz – is the perfect thirst quencher. We’ve added some extra fruit to ours, just because.

Cointreau fizz cocktail


4 oranges, half sliced, half juiced

200ml Cointreau

200ml prosecco

360ml soda water

4 sprigs fresh mint


Fill your lemonade dispenser with the ice and oranges. In a separate jug mix the Cointreau and fresh orange juice. Fill with extra ice and stir it up.

Pour the shaken mix through a sieve into the dispenser, followed by the prosecco. Top up with soda water, stirring continuously. Then, add in the sprigs of fresh mint and fill with whichever fruits are your fave.


If every summer you find yourself digging out the same old basic china, why not invest in a few special occasion plates and platters instead? With their raised turquoise print, these ones have that artisanal charm that’s in this season and will give a bit of a style boost to your burgers.

Hand out the smaller, all-over patterned versions for people to load up with nosh and use the big sharer platters to lay out finger food. They’ll make your food look so good, you’ll want to use them throughout the winter months too. Now that’s what we call a decor win.


When it comes to styling, we’re loving tile prints for the garden this season. They’ll give your space that travelled feel, which feels just right for summer. To keep things fresh for 2018, layer up punchy shades like fuchsia and lime green and pick out playful details like tassels and pom poms to finish it off. Now time to put the burgers on the barbie and put your feet up.

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