Indigo Dash Jug

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Pour on the charm with this vibrant jug.

Its bold pattern, striking colour and pleasing shape brings an elegant touch to the table. But don't save it for the milk: you can also use it to display flowers or an arrangement of autumn foliage.
Materials stoneware
Dimensions 20 x 14 x 9.5 cm
Product Reference Number 126633372
 - Indigo Dash Jug
A detailed combination of blue and white dashed in a ditsy pattern over this stoneware jug makes this a bright and vibrant addition to your home. Placed as the centrepiece of your kitchen table, it’s ideal for pouring milk over your breakfast cereal. Alternatively, display it on your mantelpiece in your living space or bedroom to display a beautiful bunch of wild flowers. A versatile item suitable for any room in the house, the classic shape lends itself to an array of interiors. Try in an all white room to introduce a splash of colour, or mix-and-match with your favourite crockery for a serving of quirky, mismatched style.
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