Meet the Dickers

Introducing the Dicker family, the stars of our current homeware launch.

Meet the Dickers, they’re the real-life family who feature in our latest shoot. There’s Mum, Dad and the two girls. Here they talk everything from the morning routine to the perfect dinner time. Keep reading to see what they had to say.

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In three words, we’d describe home as… loving, chaotic, haven.

The morning routine is… Dad sleeping until the kids have gone to school then easing the way into the day.

The mornings are always made easier by… a quiet, empty house.

Our favourite room is… the TV room because it’s been set up for relaxation and comfort. During the summer, we open up the patio doors to the garden so it feels like an extension of the outdoors. But in the winter, it’s cosy and snuggly with all our comfy cushions and the oversized bean bag. It’s also where we like to play games together.

The room that always brings us together as a family is… definitely the kitchen. It’s the social room of the house. There’s nothing better than a home cooked meal spent with the family. And second to that, the comfy TV room.

Home means… solace and fun. It’s a place where we can just be ourselves, whether we’re on our own or together as a family. It’s where everything is just the way we like it. That’s why it’s our home.

Our perfect dinner time is… a home-cooked meal when we’re all together. We love sharing meals, like tasty tapas.

If we could invite anyone in the world to dinner it would be… a world class chef or a raconteur.

The person who makes the best dinner in the house is… Mum. She’s a great cook so she does most of the cooking. We’re really big foodies. Dad’s also pretty good, his speciality is Thai food. Dinner time always feels special because it’s quality time spent together, enjoying the things we love to eat.

The thing that makes our home unique is… the people in it. We’re all pretty special in our own way.

Our perfect night in is… all cuddled together on the sofa with popcorn and a good film.

The only thing that guarantees a good night’s sleep is… a big mug of hot chocolate and a decent book.

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