New Year, New You

A few simple and effective tweaks will have your house looking better than ever in 2017.

Keep the party going

Kick 2017 off with a bang by throwing a Chinese New Year party. Scatter your table with bowls and plates to encourage your guests to pick and choose from your Asian inspired banquet.


Clear space, clear mind

Clever and stylish desk accessories will not only make it easier to display and store all your paperwork but it will make your working space a place you want to sit at and help you be more productive.


Do a ‘to-do’

January is a time for planning and making lists will help you be more efficient with that. And you don’t just have to have one list on the go. You can never have too many. So why not have a list for what you need to get done this week, this month and this year? Let’s make things happen!


Get organised

We know spring cleaning season is a little way off but doesn’t the start of a new year feel like the perfect time to go through your cupboards and finally get them organised so not only do you know where everything is but so they look great too?


Be a domestic goddess

Start the new year by testing out new recipes and expanding your cooking repertoire with fabulous baking ware and cooking utensils so that 2017 is the tastiest year yet.


Make a sanctuary

If you need to recharge your batteries after a hectic festive season then why not spend a few extra minutes in the bathroom doing things you don’t feel you normally have time for. Whether that’s a 5 minute face mask or simply taking your time to cleanse your face properly – enjoy it!


Breakfast of champions

Start every day of the next year properly with a good, hearty breakfast. And don’t just throw it all together in a bowl and eat it standing up. Set the table and take your time, savour and enjoy it.