7 ways to bring Hygge into your home

Not familiar with Hygge? It’s the Danish way of life everyone’s going crazy for. It’s all about making your home ultra cosy to make you happier. We’ll show you how to get it just right.

1. Make a cosy corner

Transform a sunny and warm nook of your house into the ultimate hygge space. Make sure there’s a comfy chair to curl up in, snuggly blankets to wrap around yourself and of course be armed with a cup of tea and piece of homemade cake.


2. Bathe yourself in bliss

Never has there been more of a Hygge activity than taking a long soak in a gorgeous bath. Make sure your towels are extra fluffy and pop them on the radiator while you indulge in the bubbles so they feel like a warm hug when you wrap them round you.


3. Go luxe with linen

Climbing into bed extra early and staying in bed extra late are at the heart of Hygge so give your bed linen a serious upgrade to crisp, white linen worthy of a five star hotel with a cosy throw to match.


4. Light candles. All the time.

The nights are still dark but that’s ok because it means you can light candles even earlier and appreciate their gorgeous, ambient glow for even longer. Combine plain candles with scented in pretty glass holders.


5. Stay in

Why socialise in the cold and dark when you can have all the people you love in the warmth and comfort of your own home. And forget about stuffy, formal dining. Make a warm and hearty meal your loved ones can enjoy in the kitchen.


6. Baking is key

Nothing beats the smell of freshly made muffins or biscuits drifting through the house, so to embrace Hygge truly, it’s time to get the oven switched on and all your baking equipment out. Get the kids involved and make it a treat to do together as well as to eat together.


7. Clear the diary

We’re obsessed with making sure that every minute of the day is utilised to its fullest. Hygge requires the complete opposite so clear your diary, make yourself a cup of tea and stay in bed and watch a movie. It’s good for your soul.