5 ways to have the perfect Easter

From the decor, to keeping the children entertained, here’s everything you need to know about having a wonderful, and utterly stylish, Easter

Easter everywhere

When decorating your house for Easter, no surface, doorway or window ledge need go bare. With lighter mornings and evenings it means you can show off cute wicker rabbits and Easter wreaths to full effect for everyone to enjoy.


The hunt is on!

Of course, the highlight of Easter is the big egg hunt. Make sure yours is brimming with colour and character – with cute signs for the children to follow, Easter bunny footprints to inject some magic and furry collecting bags they will love all year round.


Family feasts

School holidays and time off work means you’ll all be sitting round for more family meals. So why not make sure your table is dressed to impress? Choose spring time inspired hues and decorations to inject even more Easter spirit.


Not all about chocolate

Want to limit the amount of chocolate your littles ones eat over the holiday? Treat them to a cuddly plush teddy instead. It lasts a lot longer and means you don’t have to worry about sticky, chocolate covered hands on the furniture!


All year long

A chic-looking rabbit ornament makes a great centrepiece during Easter, but it doesn’t have to be put away when it’s over. Display it on a bookshelf to keep that springtime feeling all year round.