11 tricks to make your home look more expensive

You don’t need a huge overhaul to make your home look more expensive. Here are a few easy tips to make your home look luxe for less.

1. Freshen up

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to any room, instantly. Be careful with colour choices – a rich coloured wall requires lighter coloured furniture to balance a room, and certain white shades may look too bland. Look for a paint colour with the right mix of gloss-to-matte ratio.

2. Say it with flowers

Fresh cut flowers will instantly spruce up your home and can be placed everywhere, from the kitchen counter to the bedside table. Try picking one colour scheme, like elegant white orchids, and use similar vases in different sizes where possible and why not experiment with artificial flowers.

3. A light idea

Look to switching out standard light fixtures for something more bold or elegant. Modern chandeliers create a focal point in a space and can be added to any room – above the dining table, in the bedroom or even in the bathroom. Also, replacing standard lampshades with more eye-catching ones will immediately dress-up a space.

4. Hang it high

Luxurious homes generally have high ceilings. Here’s a trick that will create an optical illusion: hang fabric curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. The higher the curtains, the higher your ceilings will appear and the bigger your space will feel.

5. Match it

Buy matching silver or chrome picture frames in different sizes and place them on mantles or side tables. Avoid gold – it may seem counterintuitive but gold frames, if done wrong, can come across as excessively garish or cheap looking.

6. Mirrors on the wall

Adding large mirrors to your wall will instantly open up a room. A general rule is to put them across from a room’s entrance to create the illusion of a larger space. Large metal frames without glass can also be replaced with corkboard and used as a luxurious message board.

7. Customise it

Making small decorative changes to existing pieces of furniture can take it from ordinary to extraordinary. Try switching out standard doorknobs on cabinets for more ornate ones, or add trimming to fabric on furniture. Give a dull piece of furniture a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint, or try shortening the legs of a coffee table to make it cocktail height.

8. Add texture

Adding texture to your room with accessories is an inexpensive way to create instant luxury. Accessorise with velvet or silk cushions, soft throws and animal-print rugs. Play with dramatic hues like rich red, aubergine or dark blue and with textures like wood and metals.

9. Large and in charge

Larger cushions look more luxurious than small ones, and designers recommend they are at least 18 inches in height. Try over-stuffing your cushions so they fill out, and as a result look more expensive.

10. White white white

When in doubt, go with white. The colour opens up a space, and will make a room feel clean. It also lends itself to easily creating a focal point in a room, whether it’s a particular chair in a contrasting colour, or a beautiful picture on the wall. A white room also attracts natural light, and is a quick fix for overhead light fixtures during the day.

11. Minimise

No space will look expensive if it’s left unkempt or messy. Stay on top of any dust and be sure to minimise clutter, keeping countertops, sofas and coffee tables free of unnecessary junk.

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