Little ideas: how to wrap your presents like a pro

If gift wrapping isn’t your forte, we’ve got the answer. These six simple steps will give you perfectly-packaged presents in an instant.

If wrapping up presents isn’t quite your forte, this six-step technique is just for you. Impressive enough to fool your friends and family into thinking your gifts have been packaged by one of those fancy wrap-while-you-shop services, all you need is some nice paper, scissors and some tape. Plus, this wrapping trick gives you little folded pockets that let you personalise each present so you know exactly whose is whose under the tree. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.


Snip, snip

1. Start by cutting a section of paper that’s at least three times the length of your present so you have a large rectangle.

In the fold

2. Fold the paper in half to create a seam down the centre. Then unfold again. We’ll let you into a little secret: our gift wrap comes with a printed grid on the underside, which means you can effortlessly measure up your paper and create perfectly straight folds. We won’t tell, if you don’t.

Fold some more

3. With one half of the paper, start from the centre seam and fold the paper three times, the whole way along, to create a concertina fold.

Add a gift

4. Keeping the folds in place, pop your present in the middle, wrap over each side and tape.

Make loose ends neat

5. Fold the ends of the paper into triangles and tape to create neat ends.

The rest is up to you
6. Once you’re finished, add some ribbon and fill the concertina folds with everything from name tags to little advent chocolates to shimmery festive decorations. Sweet.

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