How to: do tea and toast

Counting down the days to (chaos) the summer holidays? We thought so. Enjoy those last minutes of peace, the right way.

As a nation, we’re obsessed with tea-making. Everyone has their own rules to making the perfect cuppa: how long you leave the tea bag in. The perfect amount of dunks. And don’t get us started on the teabag-and-milk debate (never – and we mean never put both in together. Please). Want to know how we make a great-tasting brew? 10 stirs one way. 10 the other. Three squeezes. Teabag out. Milk in. Easy.

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Savoury, sweet, both… there are so many ways to do toast. In fact, we’re confident enough to say there are no set rules to getting it right. There is however, a certain toast-making-etiquette you should probably bear in mind next time you pop a slice of thick white in the toaster. First up, let us talk crumbs in the butter. Nobody wants somebody else’s mouldy crumbs on their freshly made toast. Knife-wiping between spreads should always ensue.

Sainsbury's Home, home decor, breakfast, tea, toast, mugs, white teapot

And then there’s the double-dippers. Those who go from butter, to peanut butter, to jam (and back again), all with the same knife. Avoid spoiling your condiments by popping them in little dip dishes each breakfast time – a trick that’ll also work wonders come next week when the kids are let loose. As for enjoying your tea and toast together? Well, that’s your call.