Little ideas: how to make a summer table centrepiece

Follow our five step guide for an easy-to-make dinner-setting, BBQ-setting or afternoon tea-setting. Whatever takes your fancy.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make your outdoor (or indoor) table guest-ready. With a few household essentials, here’s our tips to making yours look Instagram-ready on a dime. Trust us, it’s super-simple.

1. Grab some jam jars

Whether they’re Granny’s hand-me-downs or some new ones from Sainsbury’s Home. Screw lid or flip lid, it doesn’t matter. Try alternating sizes for a mismatched look.

2. Get some twine and get wrapping
Starting a third of the way up the jar, start wrapping your twine around your jar. But make sure you leave a three centimetre-long end peeping out. Keep wrapping until you have covered the middle third. Secure the twine by tying the two ends together in a tight double knot.

3. Snip
Cut the excess twine away. We left about two centimetres on show.

4. Repeat
On your other two jars, that is.

5. Open up and fill
Pop off your jar lids and fill with some wild flowers. Or you could choose peonies. Or daisies. Up to you.

Going to give it a go? We’d love to see how yours looks on your summer table. Go on, show us on the Sainsbury’s Home Instagram account with the hashtag #SainsburysTableCentrepiece. We can’t wait!