Little ideas: how to bring your garden inside

Time to trade in the terracotta in favour of your very own indoor oasis.

Let’s face facts: September’s here, autumn’s on its way and gardening season is coming to an end. But before the cold snap comes round and catches you by surprise, there’s still time to get the most out of your green space. How? By bringing it inside, of course. A few house-friendly plants, some unique plant pots and plenty of natural light are all you need to create a lush patch on the warm side of the windowsill. Watch our video above and follow our five step guide to see how to keep those green thumbs from twiddling.

1. Find a spot with plenty of light

Your houseplants will be hungry for sunshine (like us) so before you start arranging, make sure you give them a new home with lots of natural light. Don’t forget to read the plant tags so you know just how much sun each of your green friends needs. Take note and use this to decide which plants will live closest to your light source.

2. Take your pick

For an offbeat, eclectic look, try opting for planters on the more alternative end of the spectrum – think glass vases, enamel jars, wicker baskets… it’s totally up to you. Go for a variety of shapes, sizes and textures for that on-trend mismatched look and try experimenting with different heights for a tiered effect.

3. Arrange your accessories

There’s no need to hide your gardening supplies. Try mixing them in with your display – add a few of your favourite ornaments and trinkets to make your indoor garden feel extra homely.

4. Pair your pots with the right plants

Don’t be afraid to experiment until you’ve found the perfect fit.

5. And enjoy

There’s nothing like a little bit of greenery to breathe new life into your living space.

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