Little ideas: how to customise your plant pot holder

Fancy yourself as a creative gardener? Follow our step-by-step guide to create a signature home for your plant pots to live in.

Whether you’ve got a big open garden, or a window sill needing a little green love – adding a touch of customisation to your home or garden couldn’t be simpler than with our white wooden crate. This is how we made ours, why not give it a try too?

1. Start with a blank canvas

Our white wooden crate will do the job.

2. Choose your medium

We chose orange paint. Because we are still Sainsbury’s, after all.

3. Pick a pattern

Taking inspiration from the new Sainsbury’s Home Printmaker’s Studio range, we went for uniform brush strokes. But this is really your chance to get creative. Pick a preferred pattern, then get messy making your masterpiece.

4. Sit back and watch the paint dry

Quite literally.

5. Fill with your favourite plants

Assorted cacti look ultra-cool. But herbs would work too. Or delicate flowers. Pick your favourite plants and blooms as you please.

How easy was that? We’d love to see how you decorate your crate. Why not show us on the Sainsbury’s Home Instagram account? Use the hashtag #SainsburysHomeCrate – just don’t show us up!