5 steps to a happy bedroom

Decor tricks that’ll improve your wellbeing

Where we live can have a huge impact on our wellbeing. And as a room we spend at least a third of our life in, the bedroom is the first space we should consider when fixing our feng shui. Here are five looks we’re trying out to sort out our chakras.



The globe trotter

If you love to travel and anything that encompasses that beachy vibe, this is your route to happy. Perk-me-up patterns like this navy diamond print are just what you need to spur you to make the bed on wintery mornings, while tactile hand-woven cushions really dial up the snuggle factor.

Multi-functional areas will inspire you to make the most of your room, encouraging you to read, draw or plan your next trip – like a small seating corner with a glam wicker seat, a mini sofa or just a few floor cushions.



The big softie

If you like your eight hours to be more like eleven, enhance the soft tones. Key colours you should focus on are sage green, mint blue, blush pink and shades of grey that are easy on the eye.

When it comes to patterns and materials, stick to stone. The natural patterns of marble and terrazzo will add interest without disturbing the peace. Then bring the whole thing to life with a few succulents. Getting green fingered and growing plants is proven to be a therapeutic past time we should all be taking up (even if they’re faux).



The style seeker

If you’re the kind of person who appreciates the finer things, this is the room for you. Slip into luxury with jacquard silk-feel sheets – also proven to be kinder on your skin and your locks too. Choose statement-making shades like 2018’s colour of the year, ultra violet, and style bold purples with brushed gold and sapphire blues.

For the finishing touch, don’t forget a luxe fragrance too. Go for something rich like vetiver and oak that sets the scene for pampering, or something sparkling and fresh like waterlily and orchids.



The hibernator

Is your winter all about burrowing down and staying indoors? Bring in homely materials like wood to instantly make your space feel more cosy. Choosing touches of colour with peps of mustard and slate blue will add warmth (just what you need on rainy days). Pair a botanical print bedding with an open fire and you’ve got the ultimate winter lodge.



The classic

If zero fuss and clutter makes you feel all warm inside, rid your space of clashing prints and ditsy patterns – maximalism is not for you. Instead, stick to white sheets but treat yourself to some sateen ones with a grey Oxford border that dial up the hotel vibes.

If you want to add a pattern to perk it up, choose something big and simple like stripes or checks that won’t distract from the sense of calm. Keep soft furnishings minimalist but luxe with sumptuous faux furs and you’re done.

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