Sainsbury’s Six: the egg and spoon race

Everything you could ever want to know about the best sport ever. And some pretty nice spoons too.

The finishing line is in sight. With one sweaty palm gripping on for dear life, it takes all your will power not to reach out your other hand to balance that oh-so-wobbly egg. What are we talking about? Our favourite sports day event: the egg and spoon race.

Sainsbury's Home, inspiration, kitchen, spoons, home ideas

It’s been around a long time, did you know? In fact, the very first race recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary was all the way back in 1894. And since, the sport has popped up everywhere from countless Royal Jubilees to The Guinness Book of World Records. Germany’s Stefan Ritte has been the record-holder since 2013, having run a mile-long race in a totally impressive five minutes 27 seconds.

Sainsbury's Home, inspiration, kitchen, spoons, home ideas

Fancy yourself as and egg and spoon race champ? Keep an eye out for next year’s world championships. From teaspoons to ladles, serving spoons to stirrers, our spoons will get you the gold medal every time. Only to match your brand new shiny gold serving spoon, of course. So say goodbye to the old utensils and hello to some brand-spanking new spoons from Sainsbury’s Home. Because only the best will do if you want to win the race.

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