Blogger challenge… wicker basket makeover

This week, in the second instalment of our ‘blogger challenge’ series, we’ve got two different takes on these cute wicker baskets.

I love a bit of friendly competition when it comes to home decor! This week our two crafters take on the challenge of customising these little wicker storage baskets.

We challenged them to a ‘craft-off’ with this set of  dipped Baskets, priced at £6. We’d love to know which style-over you like the most! Is pale pink more your thing or is super stripy the way to go? Let us know which one you prefer in the comments section below.


Alex’s basket

Step three: add a potted plant to the basket Step two: tie a ribbon now around the basket Step one: spray the outside with colour spray paint

‘I love customising homeware to go with items I already have in my home, and thought this little wicker basket would make a really sweet pot plant holder,’ says Alex. ‘I went for light shades of pink and green to complement the deeper tones of the pot plant I had.’

Materials used:

Light pink spray paint, green satin ribbon and a small potted plant.

How I did it:

‘I sprayed the wicker basket outside and let it dry,’ says Alex. ‘Then I wrapped a satin ribbon around the middle of the basket and tied it in a bow. To finish, I popped a pretty pot plant into the basket.’ Alex Willmott coordinates the Tu photo shoots for Sainsbury’s, and loves vibrant colours and textured materials.


Charlotte’s basket

Step: sew the lining together Step three: insert it into the basket Step one: Cut a piece of material to line the basket


‘I wanted to continue the striped theme of the wicker basket, so I decided to line it with a stripy tea towel!’ says Charlotte. ‘Handily the tea towel already had a neat, finished seam.’

Materials used:

A tea towel, tape measure, needle and thread, pins and scissors.

How I did it:

‘I measured the circumference and height of the basket so I knew how much fabric I’d need (factoring in extra material for the fold-over top),’ says Charlotte. ‘I marked out the dimensions on the material, cut it accordingly and sewed the lining together. Then I popped it inside the basket and folded over the top to finish!’ Charlotte Pugh is an Assistant Designer at Sainsbury’s.

Which makeover do you prefer? How would you customise these wicker baskets? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Three easy baskets to style-over

Set of 2 Dipped Baskets Small Woven Wood Basket Set of 3 Rush Weave Baskets with Handle

Set of 3 Rush Weave Baskets with Handle, £20; Small Woven Wood Basket, £12 (both available instore from 29th September 2014); Set of 2 Dipped Baskets, £12.