Blogger challenge… photo frame makeover

In the first of our ‘blogger challenge’ series, we put our editor up against crafter Laura Gould to see how they customise identical photo frames.

I love sifting through treasured photos and sourcing frames to match them. But, had I ever considered customising my own photo frame? Not until I was challenged to go up against crafter Laura Gould this week, as part of our ‘blogger challenge’ series!

For this ‘craft-off’ we each customised a Metallic Wood Frame from Sainsbury’s, priced at £6. Checkout what we came up with and make sure you tell us which style-over you prefer! Pretty pastels or gold butterflies? The competition is on! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


My makeover

Step two: add picture to the picture frame Step three: hang picture on the wall Step one: cut out picture

Helenka BednarI went for pastel shades with this makeover, so there was enough contrast between the frame and the black and white picture I chose of my mum, posing in a 1960s photo booth!

Materials used:

Turquoise satin ribbon, light blue ribbon with gold trim, satin ribbon roses, acrylic spray paint in duck egg blue, lilac card, a craft knife, scissors, ruler and pencil.

How I did it:

I spray-painted the frame outside and left it to dry. Then I cut the lilac card border to size using the photograph as a guide. I glued the turquoise ribbon to the back of the frame, and decorated it with a ribbon bow and satin roses.


Laura’s makeover

Step three: turn on the light to create the desired picture frame effect Step two: cover with butterfly decorations Step one: wrap tree light around the picture frame

Laura‘I was inspired by the colours of summer when it came to picking a colour scheme for this frame’, says Laura. ‘I’ve used shades of sunflower, yellow and gold, alongside a butterfly theme as they feature heavily in my work.’

Materials used:

Different shades of yellow paper, gold paper, small set of fairy lights, glue gun, butterfly paper punch, glue stick applicator, scissors.

How Laura did it:

‘I glued the fairly lights to the frame and secured the battery pack at the back’, says Laura. ‘Then I punched out a pile of butterflies and glued them to the frame. I finished the whole piece off with a photo from my incredible trip to India earlier this year.’ Laura is the founder of Lolly & Pearl, and creates bespoke photo frames and beautiful, personalised homeware pieces.

What do you think of this craft-off?! Which makeover do you prefer? If you gave this frame a style-over, how would you do it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Three easy frames to style-over:

Ribbed Grey Frame 4x6 Black Double Mount 3-aperture Frame, Oak Effect Double Mount Frame 8x10

Oak Effect Double Mount Frame 8×10, £8; Black Double Mount 3-aperture Frame, £12; Ribbed Grey Frame 4×6, £8.