Stylish ways to declutter your home

Overwhelmed with new gear in the new year? Find a place for everything and everything in its place with our top tips for the most commonly cluttered spaces.

January is all about fresh starts, and having a bit of a clear out is always on my agenda. But it’s also the time of year when I find myself accumulating even more possessions. Between all those new Christmas gifts and the January sale items I just had to have, keeping a clear deck seems to be a bit harder at this time of the year. Making a few small changes is a good place to start – rather than deciding which much-loved possessions to keep out and which ones to pack away, I’ve decided to start by simply sorting out the day-to-day clutter that’s hard to avoid.


Order in the house

Over time, I’ve learned that if I want a neat and tidy home, I’ll need plenty of storage. If something doesn’t have a home, it’s not going to get put away and will likely be sitting around for months. Storage trends for 2015 are less about stocking up on utilitarian items to stash things away in (things like clear plastic tubs and bulky boxes) and more about finding attractive items (such as antique style glass jars and woven wooden baskets) that will not only hide away that everyday clutter, but will look beautiful in their own right.

Glass jars


Bedroom bits and bobs

I find that it’s the jumble of smaller possessions – the kinds of things I use on a day-to-day basis – that create the most clutter in my home, especially the bedroom. I’m thinking of all those tangles of jewellery, the travel miniatures I’ve collected throughout the year, and quite a hefty collection of those spare buttons you get when you buy new clothes. These are the kinds of things I always find strewn around my bedroom collecting dust. I’ve sorted them all out and will store them in clear, vintage-style storage jars and reflective trinket boxes – never let it be said that beauty can’t be practical!

Storage boxes


Pull the plug on bathroom clutter

The bathroom is the other clutter magnet in my home. It’s pretty much the smallest room, is used by everyone and expected to store all kinds of different things. Keeping it neat and organised takes a bit of effort so I’ve introduced a few tiny but beautiful storage solutions to keep everything to hand. They’ve sorted out that daily clutter but because they’re nice to look at, I don’t feel like I’ve compromised on style.

1. Mirror trinket box, £6 | 2. Woven wood basket, £10 | 3. Patterned wooden hooks, £12 |
4. Medium storage jar with oak lid, £7 | 5. Set of 3 rush weave baskets (available in selected stores).