How to hang pictures

Make the most of your pictures with our easy-to-follow advice on arranging, hanging, framing and drilling.

We take more photos now than ever before. With digital filters and effects they can be turned into works of art in an instant, so why not share them the old-fashioned way too and hang your favourites on the wall?

Here’s our guide to choosing the perfect picture and hanging it in just the right place.


Whether you have a picture in mind already or an empty wall to tackle, think about how the image and the location will work together. You might want to see snaps of loved ones as you head out to work, for example.

Room with a view

Landscapes or art prints can work anywhere in the home, especially if the colours complement the décor. They’ll look especially impressive in rooms where the windows don’t afford much of a view.

Focal points

Hanging multiple images in a line is a great way to create a focal point, but it’s worth remembering that the eye is naturally drawn to faces, so try to include a person in at least one of the pictures.

Practical tips

Whatever you decide to do, whether you’re creating a cluster of photos or hanging a single, striking piece, it’s crucial to get them onto the wall correctly! We caught up with Simon Bailey of SB Builders, an expert in home and retail interiors, for his top tips:

The wall

What are you drilling into – is it masonry (brick or stone) or plasterboard? Find out and chose fixings accordingly, such as spiral plasterboard fittings that won’t come loose.

The hole

A common mistake is drilling too wide a hole into the wall, so make sure yours is a fraction narrower than your rawlplug (the plastic that holds the screw). You can make a hole bigger, but not smaller!

The method

For a strong fitting, insert the screw into the rawlplug and give it a couple of turns, then gently hammer into the wall. This is much more effective than putting the screw in afterwards as it is will prevent it twisting as you turn the screw.

Of course, our own piece of advice is to make sure someone watches you put it up: without an observer to shout ‘left a bit, right a bit’, your picture will never hang straight. Happy hanging!

Tip of the week:

If you love taking photos of food, then naturally the kitchen is the perfect place for them. They’ll inspire you as you cook and whet your guests’ appetites!

Three key pieces

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