How to choose your lighting

With the clocks about to go forward, we’re all excited about longer days – but how can we bring this lighter, brighter feel into our homes?

The changing clocks promise us extra sunshine hours, but there’s no guarantee you’ll feel benefits indoors – ask yourself these questions to make sure your living space stays light and airy whatever the season.

Are you making the most of the light?

A good spring clean can make a real difference to your windows – give the glass a rub down on the inside to get rid of any light-blocking dust. Now clear your windowsill of any ornaments, and think about using mirrors and lighter furnishings to make more of the rays.

When do you need light most?

Different rooms will receive light at different times, so plan your lighting accordingly. South-facing rooms enjoy hours of excellent light, but if your room faces east but you tend to spend time in it after midday, you’ll need to put in some extra effort. ‘Layer’ your lighting so that you have a mix of overhead, freestanding and task-specific lights for different activities – plus a few candles to switch the mood.

What do you need light for?

The right lamps can revolutionise how you use your home. Place desks in good natural light for day and add an angled lamp for when you’re working late; make dining tables look inviting with a pendant lamp above; and if you love to craft or sew in the evenings, equip your favourite chair with a freestanding light to create a cosy hobby space.

Tip of the week

Lighter evenings mean more time outside – start getting equipped for all those al fresco evenings with some brightly coloured fairy lights.


Three key pieces

Red tripod lamp shadebutterfly candleLeona rattan shade


Red tripod lamp shade, £25; butterfly candle, £3.50; Leona rattan shade, £25