How to… celebrate Chinese New Year 2015 in style

Chinese New Year is traditionally a time to meet up for a family feast. Christine Faughlin gets into the spirit by serving a Chinese meal on stylish oriental tableware with some homemade personal touches.

Set a stylish table

It’s time to raise a glass to the sheep! Chinese New Year, the Year of the Sheep, falls on 19 February and I’ll be cooking up a special family feast to celebrate. To make it a bit more special, I’ll serve my family’s favourite Chinese dishes on oriental themed crockery, and brew some traditional green tea to serve with the meal.

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Chine New Year Homeware

Paper table decorations

One of the best bits about Chinese New Year celebrations are all those paper decorations – the lanterns, fans and envelopes – so I’ve taken inspiration from them to add a personal touch to my table. I start by layering brightly coloured paper to use as placemats, then use the paper trimmings to create matching accessories.

Chinese New Year

Make it yourself

To make chopstick holders, I cut rectangles of paper measuring 20cm x 7cm and fold them to make a narrow envelope that’s sealed at the bottom with tape. Next, I insert a contrasting paper rectangle in the fold and secure with string then slot the chopsticks into the top. I also wrap strips of paper around small glass jars – they make great vases and tea light holders.