Expert picks: our top five stationery must-haves

We quiz Kerry Buckley, Junior Stationery Buyer at Sainsbury’s for her top 5 stationery picks.

It’s easy to be a stationery geek with a day job as a stationery buyer. I’ve got a bit of an addiction to notebooks and coordinated stationery, and I love seeing all the upcoming trends at work. With National Stationery Week running from 31st March to 6th April 2014, it’s a chance to indulge my passion for paper clips, pencil cases and that all-important paper quality. On that note, here are my top 5 stationery picks:

Stationery must-haves; a scrapbook with printed tapes, coloured pens and sticky notes.

1. Notebook

I’m constantly writing out to-do lists, whether it’s for work, holiday packing or gift ideas. It’s really important to me to have a notebook that looks beautiful and is practical enough to fit in my bag.
Top buy: Tribal Geo 3 exercise books. £3.99.

2. Scrapbook

I love being creative with photos and scrapbooking is the perfect way to create beautiful memories. I bring my photos to life with printed tapes, coloured pens, decorative papers and sticky notes.
Top buy: Memory Lane postcards square scrapbook, £3.99

Stationery must-haves; a desk accessorised with a notepad, stationery box, pen and photo album.

3. Sticky notes

Sticky notes help me to get organized in the office and at home, whether it’s sorting my favourite recipes, picking outfits from magazines or simply keeping track of any important weekly notes.
Top buy: Botanicals butterfly sticky notes in tin, £2.49.

4. Design pens

I always like to make sure I’ve got a stylishly designed, good quality pen in my bag. I really love spring florals at the moment so it’s great to see this theme featured in our stationery range.
Top buy: Memory Lane ballpoint pens (X2), £1.99.

5. Storage Box

I like to make sure I’ve got plenty of storage boxes on my desk at work and at home. I use them for everything: magazines, stationery, craft accessories, make-up, recipe cards and letters.
Top buy: Botanicals painted floral stationery box, £4.99.

Kerry’s top buys are all available at Sainsbury’s from 6th April 2014.

Tip of the week

Use banded notebooks to keep everything you stuff inside them firmly in place, from receipts and envelopes to scraps of paper.

Three key pieces

Three key pieces; a butterfly recipe book, floral post-it pad and postcard notebook. Three key pieces; a butterfly recipe book, floral post-it pad and postcard notebook. Three key pieces; a butterfly recipe book, floral post-it pad and postcard notebook.

Butterfly recipe book, £5.99; Painted floral memo block, £2.99; Postcard book, £3.99. See our stationery range instore.