Dressing the dinner table: 3 Christmas looks to try

You’ve spent hours on your Christmas feast, so why not create a beautiful table to match? Dinner party pro Caroline Wood offers some stunning ideas using pieces you probably already have at home.

Wine Glass

Decorations galore

Christmas is the perfect time to add some drama to your dinner table, so I’ve used my experience of large events to come up with these three ideas to try. First up is an easy and effective option: gather decorations in coordinating colours, then use them in unexpected ways across your table. Plates can be stacked and ornamented with baubles, or why not tie a decoration to the stem of a wine glass, along with your guest’s name?


Festive fruit bowl

Bright sparks

Everyone has some fairy lights to bring out at this time of year and they can add a touch of magic to your dinner table. Arrange them tumbling out of an elegant vase  or glass jar, or if you really want to pull out the stops, try placing them amongst tangerines or rosy apples for an eye-catching centrepiece. You could even swap a few real fruit for these beaded decorations – they’ll glow beautifully in the light. Merry Christmas!

Orange table


Table setting

Flames and flowers

When it comes to colour, don’t be afraid to go off-piste: this orange theme looks warm and inviting, especially with hollowed-out oranges creating lightly scented candles. Top and tail the fruit then cut it in half, scooping out its insides. Carefully place a tea light inside and put the top back on, but remember not to leave your lit candles unattended. You can complete the look with lush organza ribbon – or raffia thread for a more rustic effect – tying it around bundles of twigs, flowers or your guests’ cutlery. If your tastes are more traditional, just switch your colour scheme to red for a more typically festive table. Merry Christmas!



Caroline Wood  is an interior designer based in Wiltshire.

Images: Jan Baldwin/Narratives, Photoshot/Red Cover/James Mitchell, Shutterstock.

Illustrations: Caroline Wood.