Why Will Taylor from Bright. Bazaar wants to spread the colour love

We throw 8 quickfire questions at Will Taylor, the blogger and interiors author who’s on a mission to get more colour into our homes

The king of colour

Known for his “make-you-smile style”, Will Taylor’s mission to inject colour into all of our homes is in full force, with his best-selling book – Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour For Make-You-Smile Style – packed with tips and tricks we can all embrace. To find out more about his lifestyle loves and inspiration, we enjoy a colourful chat and take some inspiration from his incredible Instagram feed

Describe your home in three words

Colourful, friendly, eclectic.

You’ve been colour hunting across the globe – where has been most inspirational?

Burano, an island about 40 minutes from Venice that I visited in April. Every house is a different colour, it’s like a dreamland it’s so vibrant.

Street with red and blue houses

Image: Will Taylor via Instagram.com/brightbazaar

Which room in your house are you most proud of?

My office. It’s very energising and relaxed and it inspires me to work. It’s both a productive and personal space as there’s art in there that I love. The colour scheme is blue and yellow. The blue is calming, while the yellow gives me the energy I need to work.

What’s your biggest fashion faux pas?

I painted my bedroom plum. I really like plum and pairing it with black but it just didn’t really work in that room!

What’s the priciest piece in your pad?

A really nice sideboard from Denmark.

White fruit bowl

Image: Will Taylor via Instagram.com/brightbazaar

What’s been your biggest bargain find?

A piece of artwork from Williamsburg flea market in Brooklyn. It’s a painting by an artist based in Woodstock and was an absolute steal. It cost me £25 and I think it’s worth several thousand. I had to pay so much money to get it shipped back to the UK though.

Are you a fan of rummaging for treasures at car boot sales and flea markets?

I do like finding things like that, but my home isn’t full of vintage pieces and flea finds. I prefer layering old pieces with more contemporary ones.

Brightbazaar bookWhy should people read your book?

Because it doesn’t just give readers knowledge for how to decorate, but inspiration for colours to love. When people are faced with decorating with colour, they’re often unsure about what they should be choosing, what they can live with and how they can find inspiration. My book gives various ideas – contemporary and traditional as well as colour ideas – so readers know how to decorate successfully.


For more colour-styling inspiration, check out Will’s blog – brightbazaarblog.com and pick up his book,
Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour For Make-You-Smile Style.

Get the look

Feeling inspired to add extra colour in your home? We’ve picked out a few of our favourite colour-popping pieces for spring/summer 2015.

Aqua Tumbler, £5

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Blue cermain vase

Santana Dinner Plate, £4

Impress your guests and brighten up meal times with this earthenware plate, decorated with intricate pad print in on-trend blue and coral colours.

Ceramic plate

Frosted Purple Glass Vase, £12

Give your cut flowers the attention they deserve with this bold purple number. And for periods when you’re in-between blooms, it looks just as good as a colourful focal piece.

Purple glass vase

Collection Red Cast Iron Casserole Dish, £50

This casserole dish, also available in blue, easily adds a bold injection of deep, dark red into any kitchen. And made from real cast iron, it’s perfect for stews, chilli con carne and any other hearty meal to feed a crowd.

Red cast iron pot

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Image: Will Taylor via Instagram.com/brightbazaar