Be inspired… creating the right aroma

This week we ask fragrance expert Hayley Cartlidge to give us a sneak peek at Sainsbury’s stunning new scent collection

Working in Sainsbury’s Home Accessories department, means I spend a lot of my time researching exciting new products and I’m always thinking about ways of improving our fragrances. An important role when you consider that more than 75% of people say that pleasant smells trigger happiness for them.


Scented candlesWe go to great lengths when creating the perfect scent and, as there is so much to consider, the process can sometimes take as long as 18 months. It does mean that I get to learn lots about all the different kinds of wax and I’m well versed in melting points too!


This Autumn, we’ve been working really hard on developing four new fantastic fragrances to add to our range. We’ve looked at single and multi-wick candles and well as gorgeous diffusers, optic jars and stylish cloches.


One of my favourites is the White Fig & Patchouli; a lovelyBathroom floral scent with sensual white fig, violet and dark rose with a touch patchouli oil, it’s perfect for unwinding in a hot bath. The rich and fruity Redcurrant & Cassis scent is cosy and comforting so it would perfectly in a lounge setting and nothing beats nostalgic notes of vanilla so go for the Vanilla & Oatmeal scent in your entrance hall for an especially warm welcome.


We’ve also been improving our existing scents, by increasing the amount of fragrance within the candle and the quality of the scent that’s released, So if you’re having trouble sleeping our calming Lavender & Geranium will help you get a good nights rest.



Tip of the week

If you have an evening with a loved one planned, choose floral fragrances to fill the room – a third of people asked said it was their go-to scent for a touch of romance.


Three key pieces:

Redcurrant & Cassis candle Vanilla & Oatmeal cloche Orchid & Sweet Coconut Pillar Candle


Orchid & Sweet Coconut Pillar Candle, £5.00; Vanilla & Oatmeal cloche, £15; Redcurrant & Cassis candle, £6 (available in selected stores)