All about… getting more from small rooms

Struggling with limited space? Think big with these interior-design ideas, whether you have a small room, small flat or small house.

Just because you’re short on space, doesn’t mean you can’t be big on style! Colour schemes, furniture and clever storage solutions can all make a big difference to a small room.

Easy illusions

There are lots of clever tricks that create the illusion of more space. Light, neutral colour schemes are great for opening up small rooms, and soothing, even tones will help to create visual continuity. Savvy accessorising can transform a small space too. Try floor-to-ceiling curtains, carefully placed mirrors and lights in dark corners to give the impression of more square footage.

English Vintage

Dual-purpose pieces

Stylish items with more than one use can be lifesavers for snug spaces. Daybeds are conveniently versatile – doubling up as a sofa during the day and a guestbed come night. Go for discreet but practical storage with a beautiful chest of drawers or trunk, which make it easy to keep your small space clutter-free and will also work as a coffee table.

Use vertical space

If you’ve run out of room, just look up! That valuable space right below the ceiling is perfect for installing bookcases, wall cabinets, bunk beds or extra shelves. Make the most of versatile space, and use it to keep household clutter out of sight.

Tip of the week: Foldaway furniture is a smart way to bag more space. Tables, chairs, desks and even beds can be stacked up and stored away, leaving invaluable extra room.

Three key pieces

Gatsby coffee trunk Boho mirror daybed

Gatsby coffee trunk, £299; Boho mirror, £25; daybed, £298