A recipe for style… your kitchen

This week sees the first in our ‘recipe for style’ series, where food blogger and stylist, Georgina Fuggle, talks us through all the ingredients for her dream kitchen.

Georgina FuggleWhen I set up my food blog and began working from home, I quickly realised I needed a new kitchen space: somewhere I could live, work and play. And as the mother of a toddler, Jasper, it needed to be family-friendly too. I thought I’d need a complete overhaul to create a clever kitchen, but actually it was much more simple – all I needed were a few mini makeovers here and there:


Tub chair - brownWork ’n’ play

The first step was to create a separate workspace. Before I had Jasper, I spread my work out all over the kitchen table, but moving my paperwork out of the kitchen and into the living room means I don’t have to keep moving things out of the way of my inquisitive toddler. Stacks of paper are pretty uninspiring to look at, so I stack everything away in colourful files.


Designated dining

Next I zoned off an area just for dining. I created a clutter-free Bowls and plates on wooden tabledining table, so when it’s time to dine, all I need to do is grab some plates and we’re ready to go. I use classic white tableware for my food photography, and just swap in more vibrant pieces when eating with my family. The bold brush strokes on the serving platters and nibble bowls from the Indigo range make them perfect for adding some colour.


Sorting the storage

I reorganised my storage to make my kitchen work harder and smarter. I grouped all the items I use on a regular basis onto open shelving for easy access, while still being out of Jasper’s reach. This means everything is on display, so I invested in some copper pots Kitchen work surfaceand cast-iron cookware – they instantly add a classic stylishness to the room.


Pops of colour

Lastly, as I spend so much time at home, I need colourful things around me to spark my creativity. A cheery mug, a colourful tablecloth and a bold recipe book instantly do the trick.

What do you think of Georgina’s revamped kitchen? Do you have any top tips for making a space work a little harder?

You can find more from Georgina at fuggleantics.blogspot.co.uk.


Georgina’s three key pieces:

Soft Teal 5 litre Cast Iron Casserole Dish Mustard 3 litre Shallow Cast Iron Casserole Dish Indigo Nibble Bowls 3-pack

Mustard 3 litre Shallow Cast Iron Casserole Dish, £45; Indigo Nibble Bowls 3-pack, £10; Soft Teal 5 litre Cast Iron Casserole Dish, £40