5 ideas for making your home your own

Personalise your home the easy way with these super-simple and surprisingly effective tips.


You don’t have to commit to a full makeover to refresh your home – with some well-placed accessories, it’s easy to transform your living space.

Picture frames 1. In the frame

Nothing personalises your home like photographs of you and your friends or family. For ease, black frames are very versatile, sitting well with traditional or modern décor, or why not mix in a single lavish antique frame for a more eclectic cluster?

2. This room belongs to…

To give children a sense of ownership of their rooms, create a cute door decoration by cutting their initial out of thick cardboard, covering with an overlapping collage of their favourite characters or pictures, then painting with clear varnish.


3. Feeling floral

You can now bring flowers into your home very cheaply so why not indulge your creative side? Rather than a single large display, try a trio of short, squat vases with identical posies instead.

Pillows4. Throws of passion

Never be without a well-dressed bed and sofa – cushions, blankets and throws make a neutral home feel more snuggly. You can choose whether to pile your textiles haphazardly or arrange them neatly in stacks and crisp folds for two very different looks.

5. Signature scent

To create ambience and a personal touch, use candles, room sprays and scented oil burners to infuse your room with your favourite aromas. Perfect for imprinting personality without permanence!


Tip of the week: Add energy by mixing contrasting prints – there’s no reason why you can’t go for large and fine stripes, big and small spots, or a medley of all four.


Three key pieces

 Cream Faux Fur ThrowGold BirdcageSquirrel Cushion



Cream faux fur throw, £20; Gold-coloured birdcage, £12; Squirrel cushion, £15